Sundays at 10:15am South corner of 96th Street & Central Park West

Second Presbyterian Church

Seeking a Better World Together


Sundays 10:15 a.m.

Worship at Second Presbyterian Church is…

Welcoming.  We know that all worshippers do not bring the same life experience to the table.  Prior knowledge of God or our tradition need not be present in order to experience meaningful worship with us.  We cultivate an atmosphere of invitation to each other and our guests, sharing the role of hosts of an important celebration.

Free and fresh.  Our worship is flexible within the Reformed tradition.  Each week is new, now and responds to the message of the day.

Thoughtful.  We respect and acknowledge the ability of everyone to discern for themselves their relationship with God.

Intimate and Passionate.  We create a safe space for worshippers to meet God and each other, and to engage in worship on many levels.

Intentional.  All parts exist for a clear reason.

Transformative.  We intend that worship challenge and inspire us to be led by our faith to be our “better selves” as we participate in our lives outside of the church.

Our members say our worship is “something for your spirit” and describe our sermons as “always a powerful message.” This may be the church for you; we invite you to visit us and find out. Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:15 a.m. for thoughtful worship, support in living your own best life, and the fellowship of people who seek God in this time and place.

Easter morning.